Version 0.7.6-beta (2021-03-19)

* Searching a ruin no longer consumes movement points

* Added visual notification when Quicksaving

* Added hot key "f" to fortify/unfortify the active army unit

* Added hot key "n" to select next army unit

* Updated and enabled the Combat Advisor

* Added unique faction advisors

* Added more content to Tome (Help)

* Cleaned-up Hero inventory screen

* Camera goes to location of "Next Hero" in Hero inventory screen

* Added background transparency in Hero inventory screen

* Reports page, clicking on Heroes button pulls up Hero inventory screen

* CastleHUD: Added white box around castle in minimap

* CastleHUD: Added next/previous Castle buttons

* UnitGrid: Highlight fortify button and grey out units when enabled

* Tidy up and optimize unit movement (backend)

Please help us by sharing your feedback, improvements, and of course, bugs you encounter:

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